CareHive COO Dan Moloney Presents at GlobalSTL

By Daniel Moloney, PhD

Back home in Minneapolis, I’m still riding high after the incredible experience of sharing CareHive’s story and vision at this year’s GlobalSTL Innovation Summit. Being selected from more than 1,000 applicants to stand on that stage was more than an honor. It was a pivotal moment in CareHive’s journey to reinvent healthcare. 

Making connections that accelerate change

The GlobalSTL Summit is unique in its ability to connect innovators like us with strategic partners across the industry. And it didn’t disappoint. Having the chance to connect face-to-face with potential partners and have honest conversations about what we’re doing was a rare opportunity that’s invaluable for a young company like CareHive.  

GlobalSTL’s endorsement offered an acknowledgment that our solutions are not just relevant but essential in the current healthcare landscape. Being selected was only the beginning. The feedback I received from attendees was immediate and affirming. And it underscored the urgency of our solutions. Patients and payers alike are eager for relief from soaring healthcare costs. And providers are looking for smarter ways to optimize staffing and resources. It all comes down to less waste. We can reduce wasteful spending by helping patients navigate to a high-value site of care, an appropriate level of care, and a comprehensive diagnosis of their healthcare needs.

The future of healthcare innovation is bright

The summit wasn’t just about presenting, either. I was equally inspired by our fellow innovators. I know firsthand that compressing your company’s story and passion into a 6-minute presentation isn’t for the faint of heart. Hearing the varied approaches, successes, and learning opportunities of others presenting alongside me was truly riveting. 

Perhaps one of the most valuable insights I took away from GlobalSTL was an enhanced appreciation for the range of needs of different strategic partners out there. It’s not just about offering different solutions or products. CareHive’s commitment to tailoring our solutions to serve the needs of diverse organizations is key. 

We’re rolling our sleeves up

Back at CareHive, the team is working tirelessly to do just that. Big things are ahead, and we can’t wait to share. We’re grateful to all those following along with us on this journey.

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