How CareHive’s Technology Makes a Difference

Dr. Dixon in Authority Magazine Article: How CareHive’s Technology Makes a Difference

Digital tools, like the one we offer at CareHive, are improving medical care and providing opportunities to cut costs, eliminate costly guesswork and – bottom line – provide the best quality care at the right time and at the right place.

We’re proud that Authority Magazine sees that our technology is positively changing peoples’ lives. We want to share some of the article’s highlights that tell the story about Dr. Dixon’s early experiences and insights that led him in the direction of transforming patient care.

Some Excerpts from Dr. Ronald Dixon’s Interview:

Cancer That Hits Close to Home

Two life experiences pointed me toward improving healthcare delivery. First, my father developed bone marrow cancer called myeloma. Multiple doctor appointments became necessary – which led me to develop ways to access healthcare without in-person visits.

Second, I treated a patient in 2005 diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. He had just weeks to live. He needed to see me regularly but traveling to and from my office was inconvenient and difficult, a waste of his precious time left. Though Skype was relatively new at the time, we managed end-of-life care via video conferencing while he stayed home and saved his energy for more important things.

Persistence At an Early Age

My mother encouraged me to learn how to play the piano. Time and again, she advised, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This fostered my most important character trait: persistence.

Persistence should be the first character trait. If you look at where this all started, it was a pilot project while I was a young physician at Mass General. Now when I look at where we are today, it’s been all about persistence.

People First

When you put people first, especially when you’re trying to innovate, you end up building a network and all the people in that network, at some point, help each other. If you try to take on large and complex projects on your own, I think the barriers can be insurmountable. But if you are building it with other people and you have this people-first mentality, they will be the ones that help remove those barriers for you and help make things happen.

CareHive’s Technology Addresses a Broken Healthcare System

The problem we aim to solve is the challenge of access to healthcare for patients, and then navigating the healthcare system, which is obviously very fragmented, when they need it and specifically being proactive about chronic disease, instead of reactive.

You always have to look to the clinical and social outcomes first and understand what the pain points are, prior to trying to solve them on the technology side. So, we like to call all of it ‘clinical pull’, as opposed to ‘technology push.’ The world has enough widgets that are based in new tech for the sake of new tech. It’s vital to look, as a first step, at the desired outcomes and problems that need solving. For me and my team with our healthcare, clinical, and audience-first backgrounds, this is a natural direction to take.

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