Comprehensive Diagnosis Navigation

Better population health outcomes through improved patient engagement, higher recapture rates, and up-to-date population diagnoses and coding. This means enhanced care for patients and improved reimbursement.

Proactive data-driven engagement and diagnosis

CareHive Health’s asynchronous-first chronic care management solution goes outside the clinic to engage patients, making them more likely to come in for proper diagnosis and care


$12.4M Incremental Plan Revenue Lost per 10k At-Risk Lives*

Improve health outcomes

through proactive identification of patients with under-diagnosed conditions and unrecognized comorbidities using machine learning adaptive algorithms

Optimize coding accuracy

by Increasing rate of HCC capture that drives meaningful value while improving outcomes

Improve clinical decision support

for providers at point of care using data-driven insights and asynchronously-collected information, all enabling whole person care delivery

DRIVE patient engagement AND RETENTION

through personalized navigation support, remote monitoring between visits, and convenient asynchronous touchpoints that help to close gaps in care

IDENTIFY AND TARget high-opportunity patients

using proprietary analytics and AI-enabled tools to identify segments who will benefit most, and proactively engage those individuals via customized, multi-channel communications

Reduce provider burden

by navigating to right level of service at the right time using evidence-based care algorithms

* Industry estimates based on MA population of 10k with 60% recapture intervened to 85%

With CareHive’s configurable platform, we can help you move the levers that matter to your organization