Prevent Sunburn & Heatstroke

How to Prevent Sunburn & Heatstroke

How to Prevent Sunburn & Heatstroke: Our Guide

Preventing sunburn and heatstroke go hand in hand. You’ll likely become sunburnt with a case of heat stroke and you’ll most likely contract a case of heatstroke after a severe sunburn. For this reason, and many more, you’ll want to know the best ways to prevent any and all occurrences of the two efficiently and effectively. Read on to discover some helpful tips to best enjoy the summer fun and not be laying in bed in pain after a long day out and about in the sunshine.

Knowing Your Limits

Staying healthy, especially in the sun, is all about knowing your limits. If you exceed said limits with endurance in the heat, you may run the risk of becoming involved in a very serious situation. This very serious situation could result in everything from feeling terrible to actually ending up in the emergency room if you’re not careful. Many people will assume staying out in the sun, even if the heat is extreme, for many hours is a-okay. There are countless notifications of heat index ratings throughout the summer in Texas and California, so be sure to listen to them. Don’t push yourself to the point of no return. Be smart, safe, and have a good time.

Staying Hydrated

Staying adequately hydrated is easy to forget when you’re having lots of fun with your favorite summer weather activities. Even when you’re swimming, you may think you won’t require as much water, being you’re physically in bodies of water, yet you’ll most likely need more water in some cases. Swimming itself requires lots of exercise and enar constant movement. This is not the case with other popular activities such as volleyball, kayaking, or golf. Maintaining hydration can help you stay clear headed and alert; ultimately keeping you cognizant of the above limits and knowing when to step out of the sun.

Staying Protected

Protecting your skin, eyes, and body from the harsh elements of the sun is crucial for a happy and healthy summer. Actively applying an SPF 35+ sunscreen or lotion will do wonders for protecting your skin from harsh rays which will not only cause sunburn, but may cause premature aging as well. Wearing UV-protective coating sunglasses can prevent damage to your eyes over time and allow you to maintain your excellent vision. Additionally, simply wearing a sunhat may prevent overexposure to the sun in awkward areas such as your neck and the tip of your nose. These areas, when burned, can be truly painful and bothersome.

Looking for Advisories

If the local news or radio station is saying it’s way too hot to be outside, listen to them! They’re issuing warnings and advisories for a reason. This is not only to prevent sunburns and heatstroke, it’s also to prevent death. Yes, you read that right, you can die from too much heat. This type of situation becomes very serious, very quickly for many people all around the world who thought they didn’t need to listen to issued warnings. Be smart and stay inside if need be. There’s always another day to enjoy during the long summer season.

Trusting CareHive for Assistance if Needed

If you believe you have a severe case of sunburn or heatstroke, CareHive’s services are available to our partner clients and their members 24/7/365*. Coupled with the power of sophisticated navigational and clinical services, we’re leading the evolution of human-centered and technology-enabled healthcare to connect people to the right care at the right time. Our navigation team is able to determine precisely what you need, when and how to ensure you get the proper medical care for your concerns.

* CareHive is a B2B digital health company that serves our corporate and provider partners and their employees/members. We do not serve the general public, but let your Employer or Provider know about us if you are interested in our services!

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