Technology that enhances your patient care

CareHive Health delivers data-driven clinical guidance, digital-first chronic care management, and post-acute care – all within your medical home.

Connected Care Solutions for Health Systems & Providers

Tech-enabled asynchronous and synchronous telemedicine services

Advanced analytics

CareHive’s proprietary data science algorithms were developed at a renowned health system and proven to identify opportunities to optimize resourcing while improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Right care, right time

Guided by proprietary risk analysis algorithms developed with 60 common chronic conditions across 45,000 care episodes, CareHive partners with provider teams to solve for inefficiencies in the care system while helping patients get the care they need.

Precision patient engagement

CareHive uses deeply-personalized multi-channel, digital-first patient engagement tools to meet patients where they are, improving access to appropriate care without additional burdens on staff.

CareHive has industry-best ratings and patient satisfaction
10,000 5-Star Reviews
CareHive's net promoter score exceeds industry standards
92 Net Promoter Score

Value-based care that allows your staff to do what they do best

CareHive’s digital health solutions drive improved organizational ROI as well as better patient satisfaction, convenience, and outcomes.