Site of Care Navigation

Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean getting more—or better—care. At CareHive Health we equip patients with the information and confidence to optimize their care network. Patients pay less, providers get the results they want, and the plan reduces overall healthcare costs. Everyone wins.

Help patients get the care they need, at a lower cost

40% of adults say they have delayed needed care due to the cost. CareHive’s Site of Care solution improves access to high-value providers while reducing the cost of care.


Cost containment by utilizing high-performing networks

Optimize Cost Effectiveness

by using data-driven personalization to navigate high-opportunity patients to value-oriented sites of care for referrals including imaging, labs, etc.

Improve patient navigation

by providing smart navigators to enable a frictionless, end-to-end patient experience

Improve patient engagement

by using multi-channel, customized communications to personalize the experience and reach the right patients at the right time

Reduce administrative burden

by enabling digital-first navigators and white glove support when required for referral follow-through and resolution

Improve health outcomes

through optimization of treatment plans and seamless connected care experiences using data insights

CareHive can customize solutions that lower costs without sacrificing quality of care