Site of Care Navigation

Guide patients and escalations to high-performing, in-network, and cost-effective sites of care that improve connected care. CareHive helps patients optimally navigate within their health plan through the process.

Site of Care Navigation

Referral management through utilization of high-performing networks


Patient Leakage, Disconnected Care & Cost Exacerbation

Optimize Cost Effectiveness

by utilizing high performing narrow networks for highest quality outcome with lower costs

Improve patient navigation

by steering patients to high value-oriented sites of care for referrals including imaging, labs, etc. reducing cost of care

Improve patient engagement

by providing end-to-end frictionless patient experiences

Reduce administrative burden

for provider staff for referral follow-through and resolution

Improve health outcomes

through optimization of treatment plans and seamless connected care experiences using data insights

Site of Care Navigation

Cost containment by utilizing high-performing, in-network sites of care

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