About CareHive

We use technology to create connected, high-quality, cost-effective care experiences that benefit patients, providers, and payers alike

Our Vision

Perfect the convenience and clarity of healthcare

Our Mission

To deliver the lightest dose of healthcare possible at the most meaningful moment for the patient, while providing continued engagement on the path to better health

Our Values

CareHive is a values-based organization

Culture of Care

Culture-of-Care Workplace

Clinical Excellence


Passion to Succeed

Passion to

Partner First




Strength in Diversity

CareHive proudly serves a diverse population of patients. In order to best carry out our company mission, we believe it is of utmost importance that our team mirrors the diversity of the people we care for. CareHive is firmly an equal opportunity employer. Our explicit focus on diversity—from our hiring practices to decisions that help shape our products—is essential to our business, our culture, and our dedication to providing the highest quality care for all.