About CareHive

Connected care experiences from start to finish

connected care experiences

CareHive’s technology, products, and services enhance the quality of care for patients, while reducing total cost of care for our partners.

Unlike our competitors, CareHive is a hybrid of intelligent triage, clinical navigation, population monitoring and management, and virtual care (and even at-home care) – we create connected care experiences from start to finish, and we follow up with patients through resolution.

Our Technology Enables Better Patient-Provider Relationships

We know people struggle with the healthcare complexity. Our capabilities around navigation, guidance, and care coordination improves communication and information flow between providers and their patients. This means improved outcomes.

Digital Front Door

CareHive is a digital front door to the right care path: provider / time / place / modality

Intelligent, Always-on

We provide intelligent, always-on triage with appropriate escalation and de-escalation

Patient Provider Relationships

We connect and build patient-provider relationships, with sticky patient information

CareHive360 Technology Platform

The CareHive360 technology platform enables our navigation and clinical care offerings

CareHive Engineering Team Members
CareHive Engineering Team Members including Michael Erickson

Our Vision

Perfect the convenience and clarity of healthcare.

Our Mission

To deliver the lightest dose of healthcare possible at the most meaningful moment for the patient, while providing continued engagement on the path to better health.

Our Values

CareHive is a values-based organization.

Culture of Care

Culture-of-Care Workplace

Clinical Excellence


Passion to Succeed

Passion to

Partner First




The CareHive Story

Our Story

CareHive is an evolutionary story two decades in the making. It is the relentless pursuit of digital healthcare innovation, converging with best-in-class customer experience. At its core, CareHive starts with its visionaries.

Dr. Ronald Dixon is a pioneer and innovator in the health tech industry. Throughout his career, he has viewed healthcare with laser focus and clarity. In the early days of email when most of us were uncertain of its potential, Ron had incorporated its use into his medical practice to follow-up with patients asynchronously. He developed telemedicine booths 20+ years ago to allow communities to visit with their doctors without coming to the office. All the while, he leveraged the value of data to improve healthcare outcomes.

Prior to CareHive, Ron was the inaugural Director at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Virtual Practice Project as well as the Director for its Center of Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology. His work led to the development of Healthcare 360, a technology platform that continues to aid physicians in monitoring and managing large patient populations.

In 2020, Ron brought Healthcare 360 to Remedy, a high-growth, digital health acute care company in Austin, TX. From triage to virtual visits to house calls, Remedy has received several awards in its industry for clinical excellence and customer service. Guiding patients to the lightest, most appropriate care with industry-leading customer experience is in Remedy’s DNA, and a perfect complement to Ron’s 360 tech and vision.

This union formed CareHive as a true evolution of health care. CareHive is the realization of a vision to create a next generation, health-tech platform coupled with the power of sophisticated navigational and clinical services. With an experienced, multidimensional, innovation-focused leadership team, CareHive is a data-driven healthcare company that creates high-value savings while maximizing convenience and satisfaction.

Let CareHive help your organization better satisfy your members’ healthcare needs.

HQ Leadership

Innovators committed to better healthcare solutions

Ronald Dixon, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Ronald Dixon, MD

Ron is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and advocate for the bridging of technology, data, and medicine to enhance the provider and patient experience. He was the founder of Healthcare 360, Former Head of Clinical Affairs Onduo LLC, Medical Director at Mass General Hospital, and is an expert on data-driven virtual care. He received his Doctor of Medicine from Dartmouth College.

Liz Ketter

Chief Financial Officer

Liz Ketter

Liz is a healthcare CFO with extensive experience across payer, provider and third party administration sectors. Liz has worked in both the medical and behavioral health fields including leadership positions with Cigna, HealthNet, Haven Behavioral Health and Terros. Liz is a graduate of George Mason University and holds an active CPA license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Keith Munro

Chief Marketing Officer

Keith Munro

Keith is a brand and marketing executive with leadership experience across tech, consumer goods, B2B, and D2C businesses. He has worked in organizations of all sizes, from successful start-ups to larger corporations including 5 years at Unilever and 14 years at Electronic Arts where he was VP of Global Marketing. Keith holds his MBA from McGill University.

Daniel Moloney, Ph.D

SVP Data & Analytics

Daniel Moloney, Ph.D

Dan is a scientist and entrepreneur who seeks discernment and evidence when looking to influence behavior and better outcomes. He has held leadership positions in data and analytics in the public and private sector and has a proven track record of strategy, delivery and accretive results. Dan has a Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in behavior genetics from the University of Minnesota.

Michael Erickson

SVP Engineering

Michael Erickson

Mike is a technology executive with a passion for building teams and products. He has over 20 years of experience in companies from startup through scaled-growth with an intense focus on using technology to improve the health care experience, including delivery and access to care. He has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.