It starts (and ends) with data

Our proprietary analytics pinpoint the highest-potential, highest-need patients so we can engage them with precisely personalized care and navigation. It all adds up to better quality, better care experiences, and cost savings for patients–and better ROI for you.

For Patients

We’re here to help. CareHive partners with your doctor and your health insurance plan to guide you to the highest-quality, lowest-cost, most convenient care providers in your community.

Where human-centered care meets data-enabled tech

CareHive is a unique hybrid in digital health, combining award-winning, empathetic patient care with data-enabled technology. We provide intelligent triage and navigation, bringing more to patient engagement because we are armed with data, proven protocol and outcomes models, and risk stratification evidence across populations. Adding patient treatment and history, this means we both deliver and guide appropriate healthcare utilization, including provider type, location, modality, and more.

CareHive is human-centered AND technology-enabled care, propelling data-driven healthcare, navigation, and follow-up through resolution.

View Our Solutions: Comprehensive Diagnosis Navigation, Site of Care Navigation, Top of Licensure Navigation

Digital patient assessment

Intelligent Triage

Your digital front door to assessment and treatment for urgent, chronic, or post-acute care.

We guide and coordinate tests, labs, procedures, prescriptions and more, including in-network referrals and follow-ups.

Patient Navigation
Telemedicine Services

Connected Care

Nurse chats, virtual clinician visits, house calls*, escalation and de-escalation, and follow-up through resolution.

*Select markets

2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award
Presented By Business Intelligence Group

Winner of the Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award

CareHive goes beyond just telehealth services. We optimize care through technology, data, and workflow.

We enable the lightest touch of healthcare needed to achieve great outcomes and better patient satisfaction, whether for chronic, urgent or post-acute care. Our data-driven, connected care moves patients up and down the healthcare continuum based on their needs and risk.

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The highest-rated healthcare in the industry.
Five-star-rated care for your patients, members, and employees. Our customers love us — find out why!

Effective Healthcare for Health Care Providers, Health Plans, & Employers

We’re perfecting the quality, convenience and clarity of healthcare. CareHive delivers the most effective healthcare possible at the most meaningful moment, while providing continued engagement on the path to better health.

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