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Efficiently monitor the overall health of individuals and populations through asynchronous-first engagement. CareHive’s data-driven platform assists in automating escalation and de-escalation pathways, with appropriate navigation.

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Appropriate level of care escalation across the virtual and in-person care continuum without leakage


Cost exacerbation and over-burdened providers due to operating at less-than-optimal levels of expertise

Optimize cost & resources

by navigating to appropriate level of care using care escalation algorithms

Reduce cost of care

through navigation & steerage to high value-oriented care network vs. ER/hospitals

Improve patient engagement

by providing end to end frictionless patient experiences

Reduce leakage and improve patient retention

by utilizing CareHive platform for virtual visits

Reduce provider burden

through ability to manage acute, chronic, post-acute patients to better clinical outcomes with less in-office care visits

Improve health outcomes

through monitoring patients remotely across the entire care spectrum from lightest touch asynchronous data sets to in-person virtual visits

Top of Licensure Navigation

Contain costs through asynchronous monitoring and escalating care without leakage

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