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Expert staff is your most valuable asset. CareHive Health helps you to deploy them wisely. Our data-driven, digital-first platform assists in automating escalation and de-escalation pathways, ensuring providers aren’t over-burdened and patients are supported every step of the way.

Right provider, right care, right time, improved ROI

Match patients with the most efficient level of care escalation across the virtual and in-person care continuum without leakage


Prevention of provider burnout, cost containment & patient engagement

Optimize cost & resources

by navigating to appropriate level of care using evidence-based care escalation algorithms

Reduce cost of care

through navigation & steerage to high value-oriented care network vs. ER/hospitals

Improve patient engagement

by providing data-driven personalization that empowers patients to participate in managing their health between visits

Reduce provider burden

by enabling analytics-driven, asynchronous-first chronic care navigation that delivers better clinical outcomes with fewer in-office visits

Improve health outcomes

through improved access to the right care at the right time, guided by evidence-based algorithms

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