CareHive named a 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award winner by the Business Intelligence Group

CareHive Recognized for Customer Service Excellence

We’re so proud to share that CareHive has been named a 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award winner by the Business Intelligence Group. This award celebrates those companies who are winning by supporting their own customers and those who are developing the tools to help others find success.

Our team is very excited by this recognition. But what it also means is that our approach for improving the patient experience in health care is working, and more patients are experiencing the CareHive difference. 

The Emergence of Health + Tech Seeking to Improve the Patient Experience 

Year after year, consumers have experienced continually improved products and growing convenience in their lives as technologies advanced to disrupt industries for the better. From Netflix to Amazon, to DoorDash and InstaCart, from Airbnb to Uber – the concept of customer convenience is ruler of the roost. 

And so it was only a matter of time before technology and healthcare attempted similar integrations. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the adoption of health tech (primarily in the form of telemedicine), healthcare has not yet seen consistent, accessible technology advancement that has made real differences in peoples’ lives, especially in areas that really matter, like:

  • convenience of care, 
  • patient connectivity with care providers, 
  • data-driven health guidance, 
  • health tech that improves outcomes dependably, or 
  • reductions costs to our incredibly expensive healthcare system. 

CareHive is charting a new frontier by addressing this dynamic through integrating best-in-class health tech with best-in-class clinical services, navigation, and care. We are a unique, innovative hybrid that is changing healthcare, partnering with health care providers, health plans, and at-risk entities to do so. 

Our Approach to Healthcare – Putting the Patient at The Center Of Innovation And Convenience 

CareHive isn’t a telemedicine company. We are a tech-enabled connected care provider, going beyond acute care management, bringing technology, artificial intelligence and clinical navigation together to help guide patients to a better healthcare experience. 

We know it’s the type of care that patients want because we listen to our patients — through our numbers and our feedback. Our net promoter score (NPS) sets an industry standard for evaluating customer service and has far exceeded competitors. We have earned a 92 NPS for 5+ years, which includes the pandemic period and the Texas winter storm of 2021– which goes to show that going above and beyond for our patients is just as important – if not more so – as algorithms and the technologies that help us provide care to our patients.

CareHive also has 1000s of 5-star reviews. In fact, 96% of our reviews from patients are five stars! 

The Numbers Tell The (Customer Service) Story

For us, it’s not just about providing exceptional service, we also aim to provide better care at a lower cost. 

Below are highlighted results from one of our clients, a global retail chain:  

  • CareHive reduced employee hospital ER visits by 31%. Average ER visits are about $2200, resulting in significant savings for the employer (premiums) and employees (co-pays and deductibles). 
  • We resolved 85% of healthcare cases. Employees didn’t need additional doctor visits, nor did they need to take time off to sit in a waiting room. 
  • A benefit can only make an impact if consumers will use it. Typically, five to seven percent of employees use the conventional telemedicine benefit offered. This means that nearly all employees are heading to the ER, urgent care centers, or a PCP to resolve their concerns. CareHive’s best-in-class experience drives utilization to 21% and it’s growing. 

By creating a platform and service that is well-liked and useful, we’ve produced significant savings. The customer saved on average $12.96 per member per month. 

Hearts Filled with Gratitude, Eyes on The Horizon

On behalf of the entire CareHive team, we want to thank our patients for the opportunity to help with the care journey, and for providing us with feedback so that we can get better in helping you. We want to say “thank you” to our partners for placing your trust in our vision and our approach to care. And thanks to all our supporters – please know that this recognition only makes us more dedicated to make sure all patients can have a consistently positive health care experience they deserve. 

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