The next frontier of digital health through technology-enabled clinical navigation and connected care

CareHive360 Platform  - Digital Health Technology


We provide intelligent triage and protocol-based navigation at every point of patient engagement. This ensures the right resources are used to attain the best clinical outcomes for patients, while matching specific patient needs in the care cycle to the healthcare system’s highest efficiency.

CareHive360 is the core services engine powering our provider tools, user experience, and engagement. Seamless integration of digital health care modalities, remote monitoring, oversight, risk coding and assessment, follow-up functionality and more – the 360 platform enables all our navigation and clinical decision support, empowering patients and providers.

Digital Health Technology with Data-Driven Intelligent Triage, Smart Escalation

Analytics Enabled


We are data-driven, using evidence-based protocols to deliver the most appropriate resource, modality, and timing in the patient care path – for the best clinical and financial outcomes.

Appropriate Escalation

CareHive leverages a virtual/asynchronous-first approach for populations to ensure the right data and resources are used to assess risk. Clinical problems are addressed with smart escalation to ensure proper allocation of resources based on need.

Appropriate Escalation

Robust digital health data produces improved risk scoring and patient care management

CareHive360 Risk Analytics

CareHive360 Risk Analytics

CareHive is more than best-in-class virtual care – we improve the volume of quality patient touchpoints, and leverage these connections with evidence-based protocols and data analytics:

  • Identify where patients stand on the risk spectrum
  • Augment patient profiles and create risk scores
  • Evaluate cost effectiveness and potential savings up front
  • Generate value and ROI for your organization based on your population mix
  • Stratify risk within patient population clusters to optimize care resources

Our digital health tools are easy to implement and use, helping you manage your population’s costs and achieve positive outcomes based on analytics and data.

CareHive360 Platform - Navigation and Care

CareHive360 Platform – Navigation and Care key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency leads to greater capacity
  • Capacity converts to panel growth, focus on complex cases, and improved outcomes
  • Increased patient access, engagements, conversations, and touchpoints
  • More complete patient risk coding
  • Workload balance and effectiveness for your teams

Digital Front Door

  • Care path starts here
  • 24/7/365 entry point
  • All services
  • All modalities

Clinical Navigation

  • Lightest touch of care
  • Navigation flows
  • Education & information
  • Scheduling, follow-up, resolution

Population Oversight

  • Data-driven risk assessment
  • Prioritization logic
  • Easy-to-use dashboards
  • Bulk actions and monitoring

Direct Care

  • Chronic care
  • Urgent care
  • Post-acute care
  • Primary Care

Platform Shared Services

  • Workflows
  • Escalation & de-escalation
  • Tracking, alerts, reminders
  • Data analytics & reporting

Powered by CareHive360

  • Tech & communication infrastructure
  • Protocol and content libraries
  • Full integration with partner systems
  • Seamless patient engagement

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