Our Values

CareHive is a values-based organization.

Culture of Care

Culture-of-Care Workplace

  • We believe that how you act at work influences how you act in the rest of your life, so we seek a work environment that makes us more sensitive, more inclusive people
  • We believe that our personal success depends on the success of our teammates, so we seek to understand our colleagues and help them be the people they want to be
  • We believe our jobs work in service of our careers, so we seek to help each other grow professionally

Clinical Excellence

  • We consistently deliver an extraordinary patient experience
  • We practice up-to-date, data-informed, and evidence-based medicine
  • We learn and continuously improve our practice and outcomes
Clinical Excellence
Passion to Succeed

Passion to Succeed

  • We work and act like a team, without ego or silos, as we strive for excellence together
  • We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions
  • We perform with the highest of integrity internally and externally
  • We are a high-performance company that plays to win in the marketplace

Partner First

  • We deliver clinical and financial value to our clients and customers
  • We listen attentively and use data and technology to provide innovative products and services
  • We will do right by our customers and garner trust from them, sharing in their success
Partner First


  • We simplify the care path for patients to optimize convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency
  • We strive for simplicity and transparency with our partners re. products, process, and pricing
  • We enable easy connectivity between patients and providers, improving communications and the ability to answer questions

What It’s Like to Be Part of CareHive

CareHive is a values-based organization that believes our work culture and supportive employee environment is as vital as our obsession with technology innovation, clinical excellence, and the patient experience. We are a passionate, accountable, high-integrity company. We are also partner-first, devoted to helping our Health Care Provider and Employer partners by delivering patient-centered and easy-to-access care.