Digital Health Startup and Health Engagement Veteran, Linda Zespy, Joins CareHive as VP of Marketing and Engagement

CareHive is thrilled to announce the appointment of Linda Zespy as our VP of Marketing and Engagement. Zespy has twenty plus years in the healthcare space, including more than fifteen years of experience working specifically with B2B2C digital health startups to help them leverage their brand to build their client base and harness behavior science, human-centered design frameworks, and brand strategy to build their patient population.

In her role, Linda will lead business-to-business marketing, member marketing, and grow the CareHive brand. Additionally, she will lend her expertise to building the relationship with new CareHive members across the holistic journey from initial acquisition to digital and human touchpoints within the experience. You can read more about Linda and CareHive’s growing team here.

CareHive’s Five “Get to Know You” Questions for Linda Zespy

A favorite book, show, or, podcast? The Moth podcast.

A favorite artist of any type? Just finished another Barbara Kingsolver novel, love her. I also really enjoy ThisIsColossal.Com, an online arts magazine.

Where do you live? Minneapolis, MN

Any pets? A dog named Wilson.

An unusual item in your home? A Japanese Taiko drum that I used to play but never use anymore, maybe 2024 will be the year!

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