Perfecting the convenience and clarity of healthcare through clinical navigation and care.

Simplicity beats complexity.

It is well-reported that only a tiny percentage of Americans are comfortable navigating the complexities of the US healthcare system. We all know this reality, and the stress we face when we, or a loved one, need care and guidance.

We partner with providers, health systems, payers, and employers to give their member-patients convenient, connected care and clinical navigation, 24/7/365. And if escalation is necessary, we keep patients and their families in network to ensure cost effectiveness, while delivering excellent care through resolution. All while using technology and data to enable the right care at the right time, to optimize outcomes.

We deliver convenience, clarity, and the technology that empowers patients and providers for better outcomes.

Seamless Integration

More than just telehealth

Seamless Integration and Clinical Navigation
Seamless Integration and Clinical Navigation

CareHive360: Optimizing the Health Care Continuum

Our digital tools help providers better understand the health and risk characteristics of their managed populations.

Health Care Continuum with CareHive360
Health Care Continuum with CareHive360

Leading the Transformation in Clinical Navigation and Care

CareHive facilitates the transition to value-based care by enabling appropriate health care along the full continuum. We provide the tech and tools to lower costs and provide more accessible and convenient modalities. But we also power easy-to-use engagement opportunities that drive more patient conversations and more frequent feedback. Asynchronous functionality generates a jump in accuracy and richness of data, resulting in superior risk scoring, improved patient records for diagnosis and care management, and better patient outcomes. CareHive is leading this transformation and optimizing the health care continuum.

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CareHive can support your existing healthcare services and partners

Technology-enabled clinical navigation


  • Clinical Navigation and Care Guidance
  • Nurse Triage
  • Urgent, Chronic, Post-Acute Care
  • Text, chat, phone, video visit support
  • 24/7/365 access
CareHive360 Technology Platform

CareHive360 Technology Platform

  • Telehealth Platform
  • Patient Portal
  • Virtual visits
  • House calls*
  • Asynchronous and synchronous care

*Select Markets

Care Management

Care Management

  • Referral – In-network specialist
  • eConsult – Specialist review
  • Population health management
  • Population risk scoring and pattern recognition
  • Stratify risk to optimize care resources
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10,000 5-Star Reviews
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