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CareHive Digital Health delivers data-driven clinical guidance, after-hours care, chronic care management, and post-acute care – all within your medical home.

Connected Care Solutions for Health Care Providers

Tech-enabled asynchronous and synchronous telemedicine services

CareHive is a leading digital health platform providing tech-enabled clinical navigation, and urgent, chronic, and post-acute care. We are data driven and use proven protocols for telemedicine services, medication management, escalation/de-escalation guidance, and real-time data assessments for risk identification.

Integrated, convenient efficiency: CareHive helps manage your members, allowing more patient efficiency and enabling better care while providing better outcomes. We even schedule follow-up visits with your own in-house and in-network providers.

We schedule follow-up visits with your own in-house and in-network providers
Keep more of your after-hours patients out of Urgent Care & ERs with CareHive's wrap around services

CareHive also keeps more of your after-hours patients out of Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Rooms, preventing leakage and retaining them under your roof. Let your own clinic staff rest and restore with complete confidence in our care for your patients.

We work with Primary Care and Physician Practices, Health Systems, Health Plans, Payers, Employers, and Risk‑Bearing Entities

CareHive has industry-best ratings and patient satisfaction
10,000 5-Star Reviews
CareHive's net promoter score exceeds industry standards
92 Net Promoter Score

CareHive Provides Telemedicine Services and Wraparound Care from Triage to Resolution

CareHive can support your existing healthcare services and partners

Digital Front Door

  • Urgent Care
  • Nurse Triage
  • Chronic Care
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Primary Care

CareHive360 Engine

  • Virtual Visits
  • Telehealth Platform
  • Patient Portal
  • House Calls*
  • Chat, Phone, Video Visit Support

*Select Markets

Clinical Navigation

  • Care Path Guidance
  • Evidence-Based Protocols
  • Education Campaigns
  • Follow-up Resolution
  • 24/7/365 Access

Value-based care that retains your patients and differentiates your practice

CareHive’s digital health solutions contribute to significant savings in addition to better patient satisfaction, flexibility, convenience, and outcomes. Our wraparound care also prevents leakage to urgent care centers and emergency departments.

Bring our award-winning customer experience to your organization

Extension Of Practice

Extension of Your Practice

If your Physician Practice seeks to differentiate your services by providing after-hours convenience, while ensuring retention of your patients with high-quality urgent and post-visit care, CareHive makes it easy.

  • CareHive seamlessly extends your service as part of value-based care
  • Calm patients while in the comfort of their own homes
  • Access to patient health records improves recommendations and outcomes
  • Give your physicians confidence in the care, relief, and satisfaction of their patients

Let your patients stay under the same medical home, where CareHive takes care of after-hours urgent care.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Our technology increases patient engagement, enhances patient loyalty, and improves patient outcomes, all while providing convenience and cost effectiveness. CareHive delivers proven clinician efficiency gains and savings in value-based care models, while improving care continuity and patient satisfaction.

  • Manage your chronic condition patients with the CareHive360 platform
  • Virtual chronic care improves provider efficiency and cost effectiveness in value-based care models
  • Proprietary platform with proven algorithmic system of treatment for over 60 conditions plus post-acute care
  • Asynchronous communication modality for your clinicians to manage their patients, easy escalation to synchronous telemedicine, ensuring care continuity and an ongoing patient-clinician connection
  • Enables increase in panel size and patients managed, while allowing more frequent follow-up, better management, and less cost
  • More convenient for patient and clinician; patients more likely to check in with tech-enabled options for those with mobility challenges
Seamless Technology and Connectivity

Seamless Technology and Connectivity

CareHive delivers innovative solutions for providers and patients both during office hours and after hours, 24/7/365. Our user-friendly telehealth platform is simple for patients to launch and for providers to implement.

  • Intelligent queue-based scheduling
  • Single login for your patients
  • Plug-in widget allows launch from any EMR system
  • Rich data dashboards for insight into service and clinician productivity, as well as aggregated data on activities, wait times, patient load ratios, and more.
Primary Care Practice Partners

Health Care Providers that partner with CareHive:

  • Delight their patients with tech-enabled convenience for long-term chronic care, and easy after-hours alternatives to urgent care clinics
  • Show higher patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Retain their patients at a higher rate
  • Show quality resolutions to healthcare needs
  • Find CareHive easy to implement

Simplify and extend your private practice’s after-hours care while retaining patient loyalty. Give your own providers time to rest and restore after hours.

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